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The demand for interior painting continued despite the puritan objections. Oil and water became the base that would be mixed with a wide variety of materials including lead, ground shells, iron or copper oxide, coffee, rice, eggs, fruits, berries and other vegetation to create many types and colors of paint. Paint producers cooked up their product despite the fact that it was illegal. Many homes were elaborately decorated with lifelike murals of sky, stone and landscape features painted on the walls, paneling, cornices and ceilings. The painting tools used during these times are very similar to today’s brushes employing wooden handles with various types of hair attached. Modern brushes use synthetic fibers but the object was the same, to apply the paint to the surface with the appropriate thickness and stroke in order to ease the process and achieve the best finished result. Many of the paints were quite thick and not at all like the easy to apply paint that we are accustomed to.

In 1718 Marshall Smith invented a “Machine for the Grinding of Colours” which sparked a race of innovation to create the best ways to grind pigment materials effectively and actually start manufacturing paint in a paint mill. By the mid 1800’s linseed oil began to be used as a less expensive binding agent that actually protected wood that was painted.

In 1866 the first company to produce ready-to-use paint was formed, Sherwin-Williams. Harry Sherwin, Alanson Osborn and Edward Williams formed Sherwin, Williams, & Co. in Cleveland, Ohio. Henry Sherwin later developed a tin can that consumers could reseal. In 1883, a competition that continues today started when Benjamin Moore began operations. The company put much emphasis on the chemistry to improve the color mixing and production throughout the twentieth century and were the first to design the computer based color-matching system that we all are accustomed to back in 1982.

So enjoy the choices you have today and make the most of your home with paints that can add life to your exterior house painting and enhance the mood of your interior house painting. The sky is the limit today when it comes to imagining the possibilities that are available and creating just the look that you desire.

What is worth doing, is worth doing well-Henry Sherwin

1866. Our story begins. The Civil War was one year past. Since its founding by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams, The Sherwin-Williams Company has not only grown to be the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, but is among the largest producers in the world.

The Americas Group, known as Sherwin-Williams Paints, was the first section of the company to be established. These stores market and sell Sherwin-Williams branded architectural paints and coatings, industrial and marine products, and original equipment manufacturer product finishes and similar items. As of January 1, 2011, the Paint Stores Group operated 3,954 individual paint stores. In 2015, Sherwin-Williams was recognized as the most used brand as well as the winner for brand familiarity and quality rating in the Paints category by the Builder magazine


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